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Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust

Published: 31 Jul 20

Services available through the WBVT to those over 18 with a registered disability Read More...

Help During COVID-19

Published: 31 Jul 20

Do you need help with shopping, chatting on the telephone, collection of prescriptions etc? Read More...

Report an Issue

Published: 14 Apr 20

The Parish Council is often contacted by parishioners who want to complain Read More...

Dyson Purchases the Airfield

Published: 25 Apr 17

You may have read recent news about Dyson’s purchase of Hullavington airfield Read More...

Affordable Homes to Rent

Published: 20 Apr 17

Wiltshire Rural Housing Association has five new homes in Hullavington Read More...

The Mobile Library

Published: 15 Apr 17

The Mobile Library stops at the school and between the garage and bus stop Read More...

Wiltshire Council Parish Newsletter

Published: 10 Apr 17

The parish newsletter provides information for parish and town councils Read More...

NHS services in Wiltshire

Published: 5 Apr 17

What is the future for NHS services in Wiltshire? Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group is Read More...