Village Voices

Date:Friday, 13 October 2017

Time: 14:00 to

Venue: Village Hall

Village Voices is a Community Choir, which is held in the Village Hall, term time on Friday at 2.00pm - 4.00pm. For further information please contact Chris Samuel on 07971918862.

What is a Community Choir?

It's a choir for the whole community, whatever your age, wherever you come from, whether you read music or not. It doesn't matter if you sing regularly or haven't sung a note for years. All of the groups work on the same principal - no auditions, no solos and no need to read music. We sing global harmonies, pop, gospel, jazz and soul. We aim to make all of the groups fun, welcoming and open to all, regardless of your previous experience of singing. The singers range from teenagers to those well past retirement and our main goal is to enjoy the thrill of singing together for its own sake although we do undertake a few local performances - usually to raise money for our charity of choice, Water Aid.
Come along and give it a go, your first session is free to see if you like our style and after that you can either pay per session at £9 or by the term, which works out at £8 a session.