Village Hall 

Village Hall To Book the Hall Contact: 
email which is routed to both Paul Hadley & Bob Fenner  
or Telephone: Paul Hadley on 01666 837 096  
or Telephone: Bob Fenner on 01666 837 320 
For other matters concerning the Hall contact
Bob Fenner on 01666 837 320 or email

Hall Pricing Structure 

The pricing structure for the hall hire is based on the type of user (see user categories below) and on the level of risk associated with the booking.

Village HallThe price is made up of a basic charge for the hall itself plus supplemental charges for such things as: 

* Number of people attending the event, 
* If an admission charge is being levied, 
* If alcohol is being consumed eg provided free of charge at say a wedding or on a bring your own basis, 
* If alcohol is being sold (see note below on TENs) 
* If live or recorded music is being played. 

Also certain types of event require a £100 reimbursable deposit to be paid. 

Hall User Categories 

Village Hall Core users
Are village activity groups that use the hall on a regular weekly or monthly basis, whose members are predominantly from the village and who provide active assistance in the general upkeep and maintenance of the hall. Inclusion on the Core User List requires approval by the Hall Committee

Village Users.
Anyone residing in the parish of Hullavington booking the hall for a non commercial function/meeting/event etc

Non-Village User.
Any private individual or activity group with an address outside of the parish

Commercial/Government Use
Any use of the hall made by a corporate, business, political party, government body etc 

If all this seems complex, don't worry, just contact us and we can explain it all to you in more detail and help you.

There are 3 bookable sessions per day:

  • Morning from 9 am till 1pm

  • Afternoon from 2pm till 6pm

  • Evening from 7pm to 11pm

The hour gap between sessions is to allow for orderly comings and goings between consecutive bookings 


* TENs (Temporary Event Notices). This is required by law when alcohol is to be sold on the premises and its provision is the sole responsibility of the hirer. The hirer of the hall is also required to declare his intention to apply for a TEN when booking the hall and to pay a supplemental charge which is over and above the cost of the TEN.  To go to Wiltshire County Council’s TENs page, click here

# The booking fees for any Commercial/Government Use, are by arrangement. 

The New Village Hall was opened for business on the 1st of September 2006.

  • There are 2 halls separated by a 35 decibel acoustic screen that can be rolled back to join the 2 hall spaces into one. There is also a large foyer that can be used as a reception area. There is a good sized fully fitted kitchen equipped with a 6 ring induction stove and ovens, coffee making facilities, plates, cups, glasses, cutlery etc
  • The hall has a permanent, ceiling mounted, digital projector with sound system, a hearing aid loop, ramps etc for wheel chair access, toilet for wheelchair access and large car park.
  • A 0.75m high stage is available if required. The stage is unitised, can be erected anywhere in the hall and takes 45 minutes to erect
  • The hall also has a range of professional display boards that can be made available on request 
  • Currently, there is no phone line, but there are plans to install one along with broadband and WIFI 

For more information contact: 

Bob Fenner on 01666837320 or email


Paul Hadley on 01666837096 or email

For futher details