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Please click here to see a letter from Dyson regarding the Airfield. 

The Parish Council is often contacted by parishioners who want to complain about a number of various issues, most of these issues are the responsibility of Wiltshire Council and not the Parish Council.   These issues can be reported to Wiltshire Council directly by using the link to the on line form which is given at the bottom of this page.

What can I report?

•Bus shelters •Car parks •Council furniture and signs •Dead animal in the road or verge •Dog mess •Flooding •Fly-posting •Fly-tipping •Footpaths (pavements) and kerbs •Graffiti •Grass, weeds, hedges shrubs •Materials on road •Mud on road •Needles and syringes •Oil/debris on the road •Pedestrian crossing •Playgrounds •Potholes •Public toilets •Public litter bins •Public right of way •Roads, drains and manholes •Salt bins •Street lighting •Street litter and sweeping •Traffic lights •Trees

The bus shelters in the village are the responsibility of the Parish Council but all other matters should be directed to Wiltshire Council.   Please remember that the more people that complain about a particular problem, the more likely it is that something may eventually get done about it!

Login and report an issue using the My Wiltshire online form

Maggie Bawden Rawsthorne
Hullavington Parish Council

New Hall, Market Place, Melksham, Wiltshire, SN12 6EX

Telephone: 01380 850916 e-mail:


Affordable Homes to Rent in Hullavington


Wiltshire Rural Housing Association has five new homes in Hullavington currently being built at Lawn Farm as part of the residential development in the village.


These homes are for local people in need of affordable housing.  There is 1 x shared ownership 2 bed house, and 4 x affordable rented homes.  The rented homes consist of 2 x 1 bed flats, 1 x 2 bed house and 1 x 3 bed house.


In order to be considered for one of the homes you must have a local connection to Hullavington or neighbouring parishes of Grittleton, Luckington, Norton, Sherston, St Paul Malmesbury without and Stanton St Quinton. This can be current or former residency in the village, family members living in the village or employment in the village.


The rented properties will be advertised through Homes 4 Wiltshire in September ( and the shared ownership properties will be advertised through Help To Buy South ( in July.


Don’t delay in registering with Homes 4 Wiltshire or Help To Buy South or you could miss out on the rare opportunity of renting or part buying one of these desirable affordable homes in the village. 


For further information please contact Wiltshire Rural Housing Association on Tel. 01380 850916 or visit our Website


The Mobile Library in Hullavington

The Mobile Library stops at the school and between the garage and bus stop every 4 weeks on Thursdays.

The mobile stocks a large range of information books and novels, ranging from the latest thriller to best-selling autobiographies, cookery and gardening. And it's not just books - DVDs are available for hire too. There is also a wide selection of large print and talking books.

If you are a parent with young children, you will find a great range of picture books, story CDs and films on DVD for them to enjoy; there are information books and plenty of exciting reading for older children as well.

It’s free to join the library. So why not try it and see how much more there is on a mobile library? It's easy to join ­just bring along proof of your name and address and the mobile library manager will sign you up immediately – they are always happy to help.

For more information contact Chippenham Library on 01249 650536 or visit

here to view the Wiltshire Council Parish Newsletter  

What is the future for NHS services in Wiltshire?
Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group is led by local GPs. We plan and pay for the majority of NHS services that you use across the county.  Over the next five years, we know that demand for NHS services in Wiltshire will continue to increase but the money we have available to spend on these services will not increase at the same rate.

Modern advances in healthcare are helping people to live for longer than ever before which is a cause for celebration. However, this does mean that the demand for NHS services from the over-65s is expected to increase significantly over the coming years.  As a result, the CCG needs to adapt the way we provide NHS services so that they better meet the needs of our ageing population.

How will we meet this challenge?

The CCG has developed a Five Year Plan to enable us to respond to this challenge. Our plan sets out how we can continue to provide high quality but affordable health services in Wiltshire between now and 2019. We won’t be doing it alone either. Our key partners like Wiltshire Council, GP surgeries, local hospitals and other NHS providers are vital to the success of the plan.

It will mean some major changes to the shape of health care services in Wiltshire. Our vision is that health and social care services should support and sustain independent living and as the organisation responsible for designing and commissioning those services, we are keen to make them both affordable and the best possible for local people. 

Our model for the future of health care in Wiltshire is based on three key principles:

1.    Encourage and support Wiltshire residents to take on more responsibility for their own health and wellbeing

2.    Provide fair access to a high quality and affordable system of care for the greatest number of people

3.    Provide less care in hospitals and more care at home or in the community

To achieve these aims we will need to change the way in which we spend our budget.  We will:

1.    Spend more money on health education and prevention to help people take more personal responsibility for their health and wellbeing

2.    Spend more money to improve community care and increase the range of services provided in a local setting

3.    As a result, we would need to spend proportionately less money on providing bed-based care in hospital

We are going to split Wiltshire up into 20 clusters of approximately 20,000 people. Each cluster will have an integrated team of GP surgeries, community nurses and therapists together with social worker support which will work together to ensure that we have a more joined up system of health and social care.

How can you get more involved?

The CCG has already been carrying out a wide-ranging consultation about our Five Year Plan across the county and this has included public meetings, outreach events, and presentations to a variety of organisations.  You may have been involved in one of these events?

Over the next few months the CCG will be giving presentations at the 18 Area Boards across the county.  Each Area Board is planning a health fair with lots of different stalls for you to visit followed by presentations from the CCG and Wiltshire Council about our plans for improving health and social care.  To find out the date of the Health Fair in your area please visit

We hope you can join us for your local Area Board Health Fair but if you are not able to attend then you can find out more about the CCG’s plans at

If you’d like to talk to someone at the CCG then you can email or call 01380 728899

The footpath connecting Hullavington with Stanton St Quintin, which runs across MOD land between Stock wood and the Deer Farm, has been reopened. It is an on-going project and will be improved as time and weather permit. Walkers are advised that there are some areas on the path that do have some trip hazards and that there is a bank that needs to be negotiated which leads down to the stream which runs between the boundary of the MOD land and the Deer farm. There is also a small stream to ford, which is normally quiet easy but in current conditions it is a bit of a torrent. So walkers please be aware, it’s a lovely walk through the stream and woodland, which I believe is an ancient highway… but be careful.
Cllr Peter Murton



For several years, the ladies of Hullavington Women’s Institute, with support from the Parish Council, have been busy planting and maintaining several areas of the village; the path at the side of the church through the lych gate, the area behind the bus shelter, and the tubs at the Grittleton end of the village.
New tubs have been made by Cllr Hank Slater and, to make it a truly village affair, the Parish Council would like to hear from anyone who has spare bedding plants or shrubs that could be used in this year’s planting schemes.
There are so many keen gardeners in the village, as evidenced by the Autumn Show exhibits, and many of these gardeners, and those who don’t exhibit, may have some spare plants that could be used.
If you feel that you could offer some plants or shrubs to enhance the village, please contact the Clerk to the Council, Sharon Neal, 01249 659842 or email


Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust                         

Registered Charity No 1073127

The Trust  provide a Courtesy Home Security Service for older, vulnerable and disadvantaged people in Swindon and Wiltshire, who have become, or are at risk of becoming victims of house crime or domestic abuse.

Our Operators drive Police marked vehicles and dress as Police Support staff, their salaries, the security equipment we use and their vehicles are all funded by the Trust.

Once we have been contacted, an appointment is made by the Bobby Van Administrator for an Operator to visit homes and conduct a full security survey and fire risk assessment.  With the agreement of the client, appropriate devices are installed to secure the property.  Time is spent offering reassurance to clients and advice is given on how to protect against house crime.  Often the fear of crime is as damaging as the crime itself.

We offer talks to community groups and clubs in a pro-active approach to securing homes for all over 60s or those vulnerable due to a disability.

If you know someone in your community who would benefit from a visit please call 01225 794652 to arrange a visit.


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